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The consultation process highlighted that some landowners and land managers have a lack of knowledge and understanding around the potential opportunities that their woodland may offer; how to manage it and what action to avoid taking, especially on small or farm woodland sites. These were generally felt to be the sites which are under-managed and where there is potential to add value to the sector.

More efficient and pro-active management of these currently under managed sites will increase viability and productivity, and will almost certainly add value to the local economy, whilst also promoting environmentally sensitive and sustainable management approaches.

The opportunity to encourage and promote woodland and forestry employment opportunities by encouraging young people in particular to enter the industry was also felt to be important. The identified need to increase the number of smaller contractors along with the opportunity to promote woodland and forestry careers and employment routes, particularly with younger people, is felt to be a significant opportunity to improve the productivity of local woodland and create new employment opportunities.


Scope of Programme Activity

The call for projects under the Forestry Productivity priority will be an open call which is seeking applications which will support better management and utilisation of small woodland sites, and which will support the sector to grow and increase its level of economic activity, particularly through new and more innovative activities alongside those which make existing woodland enterprises more efficient and unlocks some of the economic value stored within them.

The Programme is looking to support applications for capital projects which will achieve one or more of the following:

  • Support for investments in processing, mobilising and marketing of forest products;
  • Better management and utilisation of small woodland sites; or
  • Promotes forestry for the future.


Eligible Applicants under the Forestry Productivity priority are:

  • Owners of private forest holdings
  • Small and medium-sized forestry contracting businesses


Grant Limits:

  • Minimum £5,000 and no upper limit.
  • Grants of up to 40% of eligible costs can be provided towards commercial activities (subject to State Aid restrictions).


For full details on the type of projects we are looking to support under the Forestry Productivity priority please ensure you read the Call for Projects for Forestry Productivity and the How To Make An Application section of our website.


It is important that applicants under this priority check the list of eligible and ineligible items prior to making any application.  If you have any questions regarding eligibility please contact Amy on 01439 772700 or email


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