Farm Productivity

The Transition period consultation process identified a wide range of issues across the sector from succession and a need to encourage and support more young people into agriculture, to low take-up of new efficient farming techniques and other pressures faced by the industry, such as water quality and manure management. A clear need has been identified to support famers and land managers to maximise the wide range of opportunities that already exist and provide a clear information network.

LEADER investment will also be focused on supporting farmers and farm businesses through improving farm business resilience, developing diversification opportunities and becoming more sustainable, this will lead to growth within the sector.

Whilst the skills, training and apprenticeship agenda was strongly felt to be important, particularly in relation to supporting young people, it was acknowledged that rather than directly deliver this type of activity, the role of LEADER should be to link into this existing activity and promote and support it.


Scope of Programme Activity

To improve farm productivity and create new and increased employment opportunities.  As an important and significant economic sector in the North York Moors, Coast and Hills LEADER area, the Programme is keen to support the agricultural sector to grow and become more profitable.


The Programme is primarily looking to support applications for capital investment which will achieve one or more of the following:

  • Create new or extended employment opportunities;
  • Improve the financial sustainability of the farm business (ie: will increase business turnover or increase the profit margin); or
  • Improve the productivity of the holding ie: produce more, produce new, make better use of resources (time and financial) etc.


Eligible Applicants under the Farm Productivity Priority are:

  • Farmers
  • Groups of Farmers


Grant Limits:

  • Minimum £2,500 and no upper limit.
  • Grants of up to 40% of eligible costs can be provided (subject to State Aid restrictions)


For full details on the type of projects we are looking to support under the Farm Productivity priority please ensure you read the Call for Projects for Farm Diversification and the How To Make An Application section of our website.

It is important that applicants under this priority also check the list of eligible and ineligible items prior to making an application.  If you have any questions regarding eligibility then please contact Amy on  01439 772700 or email



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