Culture and Heritage


The rich and varied cultural, natural and built heritage of the area is an intrinsic part of the landscape on which the NYMCH LEADER area is based. The area encompasses everything from ecclesiastical heritage and a strong creative economy, to maritime and fishing traditions and a distinctive local vernacular, all within a high quality natural environment, large parts of which benefit from protection through a range of national and international designations.

There is an essential relationship between the areas natural resources, and business and communities. To support society and achieve economic gains, we need this natural capital (ie: the landscape with all its assets and services), but in order to continue to reap these benefits into the future, encouragement is needed to reinvest in the landscape on which a substantial quantity of the areas success depends.

The aim of the NYMCH LEADER Programme is therefore to use the cultural, natural and built heritage of the area to restore and improve our natural capital. Often the success of a cultural or natural heritage project is as a result of the high quality landscape within which it sits. By reinvesting in this landscape, its quality will be retained and businesses and society can continue to benefit from it. Closer links between cultural and heritage activity supported and the tourism sector will be encouraged further so expanding the range of visitor experiences available.


Scope of Programme Activity

The Culture & Heritage priority will operate as an open call and is seeking a range of applications which use the cultural, natural and / or built heritage to achieve economic gains, support the tourism sector and which will reinvest in the landscape which supports their existence.


The Programme is looking to support applications for capital projects which will achieve one or more of the following:

  • Physical investment in un-used or under-used buildings;
  • Support for protecting cultural features from damage or degradation;
  • Activity directly related to the development and delivery of visitor services, facilities, experiences and attractions; or
  • Promote, enhance and maintain locally distinctive cultural heritage events.


Eligible applicants are:

  • Landowners;
  • Rural Community Groups; and
  • Local Authorities


Grant Limits

  • Minimum £5,000 and no upper limit.
  • Grants of up to 40% of eligible costs can be provided towards commercial activities or up to 95% for non-profit making applicants (subject to State Aid restrictions).


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