Programme Priorities


Defra have provided all LEADER Programmes in England with the same six broad priorities. We have taken each one and developed a locally appropriate programme of activity around it. These have been developed as a result of the consultation that took place throughout 2014 and are designed to reflect the needs and opportunities identified within the area. This information was all included in our Local Development Strategy (LDS).

As of March 2017, the NYMCH LEADER Programme is now for application under all six priorities.

The Programme will take a mixed approach with all six priorities by offering grant funding opportunities as well as the Programme looking to develop projects and areas of work which have been identified as needed but when no local partners or delivery bodies currently exist.

The six Programme priorities are:

  1. Support for Increasing Farm Productivity
  2. Support for Micro and Small Enterprise and Farm Diversification
  3. Support for Rural Tourism
  4. Provision of Rural Services
  5. Support for Culture and Heritage Activity
  6. Support for Increasing Forestry Productivity
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