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There are a range of sources of help and advice available to help you develop your project idea and application. We would however also advise you making contacting with the Programme to discuss your project idea and check you are eligible to apply before making your application.

Contact: Amy Thomas on 01439 772700 or email

Considering the match funding element required for your project at an early a stage as possible is crucial. All applications for LEADER funding will require private match funding.

No source of public funding is eligible to be used as match funding in your project.


You should always consider which sources of funding are most appropriate for your project as LEADER may not always be the best fit.  You should make sure you check out other potential sources of funding first.  This list below may help you to do this.


For large scale projects it might also be worth having a look at the funding that may be available through your Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). The LEPs have significant allocations of European Structural Funds which may be more suitable for your project.

For applicants from North Yorkshire please see the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding LEP website, and for projects based in East Cleveland please see the Tees Valley LEP.

LEADER Programme staff will always share any Outline Application Form that is submitted to us with the LEP teams to ensure that each project is directed to the most appropriate source of help, advice and support.

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