Transition Phase 2014


Following the end of the 2008-2013 LEADER Programme, 2014 was a Transition year for the Programme.

The Transition year gave us the opportunity to evaluate the previous LEADER Programme, re-assess the geographical coverage of the Programme, review our processes, procedures and paperwork, and undertake new consultation to clearly establish current needs and opportunities based upon local views. A document summarising full details of the responses gathered at the consultation events can be seen below.

Transition Consultation Summary

The information gathered was used in conjunction with the ‘National Framework for LEADER’ published by Defra, to enable us design a new programme of activity (a document known as a Local Development Strategy (LDS) for the area during the programming period 2015 and 2020.

The final LDS was submitted to Defra on 5 September 2014 and the final decision and budget allocation was confirmed by Defra in March 2015. A full copy of the LDS can be found here.

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