Local Development Strategy (LDS)


All activity that will be supported by and delivered through the Programme will fit within the structure created by our Local Development Strategy (LDS). The LDS is a document that was developed throughout 2014 and outlines not only the structure, processes and procedures the North York Moors, Coast and Hills LEADER Programme will employ, it also sets out under each of the six programme priorities the types of activity that we will be looking to support.

A full copy of the LDS can be found here – North York Moors, Coast and Hills Local Development Strategy – 05 09 2014.

Please note that the output targets and budget allocated to each priority in each year of the Programme will change from those figures seen in the LDS.  This is due to the Programme’s total budget allocation being lower than originally anticipated.  As soon as final figures are agreed with Defra, details will be added to this page.

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